Custom Sports Guards

Custom Sports Guards





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Tekfit Sports Mouthguards offer unrivaled protection from injury of not only the teeth but also the lips, tongue, and face. A recent study also has demonstrated a decrease in the incidence of concussion by 2 to 1 when compared to over-the-counter guards.

We custom-make the sports guards using a pressure-laminated technique that ensures the best fit, allowing for improved retention, speech, and comfort. These guards are also more durable than over- the-counter guards and are expected to last considerably longer.

Tekfit guards are totally customizable, and can also include a strap, if preferred. We have a variety of colors and you can even request to have your name, number, or team logo incorporated in your guard.




 ppm logo2The Pure Power Mouthguard, or PPM, includes all of the features of our custom sports mouthguards, with the amazing benefit of enhancing a well-trained athlete's ability to perform!

What's the difference between performance and optimal performance? Per-




formance-enhancing mouthwear places you in your optimal bite and can improve your flexibility and change your game. Using computerized neuromuscular equipment and techniques, your optimal bite can be determined. The optimal bite puts your jaw in the position for maximum muscular action potiental and increases your ability to perform. In a landmark study at Rutgers University, athletes showed significant improvement using the PPM across a number of athletic parameters, including: vertical jump, peak power on the WAnT, and average mean power for the WAnT+ intervals. Whether it's on the field, on the ice, or on the court, there is a potential within you waiting to be unleashed!



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